Tweeting From 30,000 Feet

June 18, 2011


For me this is a first. I’ve never been able to get in-air WIFI before. This jet has it. I’m heading home from Dallas and a nice visit with my mom. I’m thinking “well, maybe I can watch Netflix or something if I get this WIFI for 5 bucks.”

The first thing I do? Pull up Facebook and Twitter. I tweet that ‘I’m tweeting from 30,000 feet” … I hit enter. Soon as I did it I knew my friends would jump all over that line.

“Read you loud and clear” says @johnnie50. And, then it starts. The one-liners are flying in faster than I’m flying! “Better not tweet ‘n fly” says Steve Howard. Steve Herren, whose a champ with come-backs, says “Ahhh, the mile high tweet club!” Followed by Sean Hillier’s “You always remember your first time!”

He’s right :-)


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Hal Eisner is a reporter at FOX 11 News in Los Angeles

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