How Airport Flyaways Will Work Carmageddon Weekend

July 14, 2011

Just got this press release from LAX officials. Thought it might be  helpful for those of you traveling this weekend!






            (Los Angeles, California – July 14, 2011)  The LAX FlyAway ® nonstop bus service at Van Nuys and Westwood will be modified during this weekend’s I-405 freeway closure to consolidate passengers, improve the efficiency of each bus trip, and contribute to the overall traffic-management goal of reducing the number of vehicle trips on the region’s freeways and roadways.  The FlyAway® service at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and at Irvine Station in Orange County will operate on normal schedules (traffic permitting).

According to officials at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the FlyAway® at Van Nuys will continue to operate 24 hours.  However, the regular morning schedule of buses departing every 15 minutes (four bus trips per hour in each direction) will be reduced to two trips per hour in each direction.  During early morning and late evening hours when traffic is expected to be lighter, Van Nuys buses MAY take surface streets to/from the I-405, traffic permitting.  During other portions of the day, when traffic is expected to be at its peak, Van Nuys buses will use the regional freeway system that passes through the downtown Los Angeles area, the I-110 Harbor and I-105 Century freeways.

The FlyAway® service at Westwood will operate its regular Saturday and Sunday hours TO LAX from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and TO Van Nuys from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.  On Saturday, July 16, bus service will follow its regular hourly schedule (on the hour) in both directions, traffic permitting.  On Sunday, July 17, the regular afternoon and evening schedule of buses departing every 30 minutes (two trips per hour) will be reduced to one trip per hour.  The Westwood buses will follow recommended diversion routes using surface streets to/from the I-405 freeway.

For further information about the LAX FlyAway®, including schedules, fares, parking and luggage limitations,

During the weekend, receive hourly updates on drive times of buses operating at all the FlyAway® locations, as well as up-to-the-minute information on airport operations, security conditions, parking availability and traffic conditions in and around LAX, by visiting the airport’s Internet website at, signing up on LAX’s Twitter account at, or listening to LAX AiRadio 530 AM.

Airport officials also report that LAX’s dedicated webpage regarding the I-405 freeway closure – — has been updated with additional information, advice and travel tips for passengers and airport workers so they can plan ahead.  The website contains general travel advice; tips for departing passengers; tips for arriving passengers; various modes of commercial and public transportation available to/from LAX; airport-area hotels offering discounted or package rates; tips if you must drive your personal vehicle; things to do in and around LAX if you have a long wait before departure; tips for airport workers; and general information about LAX’s operational planning.

During this weekend’s freeway closure, airport officials also encourage passengers to:

  1. Plan ahead to ensure you don’t miss your flight.  During the peak summer travel season, flights are often fully booked or even overbooked, resulting in delays waiting for another flight and possible airline rebooking fees.  Some flights (including international flights) may be offered only once daily or a few times weekly, resulting in having to wait day(s) until the next flight to your destination.
  2. Leave earlier than normal to ensure you are on time for your flight.  Passengers are reminded to arrive at their airline terminals two hours before a U.S. flight and three hours before an international flight.
  3. Contribute to reducing the number of vehicles on the roads by using shared-ride transportation to/from LAX, including the FlyAway® nonstop bus, door-to-door shuttle vans, long-distance vans and buses, municipal buses, taxis, etc.
  4. Ride the rails (Metro Rail, Metrolink and Amtrak) to Union Station and connect to the LAX FlyAway® there.  Or ride the Metro Rail Green Line directly to/from LAX.
  5. Consider staying at an airport-area hotel, especially if you have an early morning flight.
  6. Before you go to the airport, monitor real-time traffic conditions posted on many Internet websites; watch or listen to local television and radio news stations; sign up on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, apps for electronic devices and other mass notification services) to receive up-to-the-minute traffic status.

For questions not addressed by information posted on LAX’s dedicated I-405 webpage, please contact LAX Public Relations at (424) 646-5260 or by e-mail at


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