The “Newslife” of Steve Cohen & All of Us Newsies!

July 20, 2011

First of all, thank you Steve Cohen for including me in your new book! Its not often I’m doing a little pleasure reading and suddenly I have the pleasure of reading about myself! Thank you Steve and thank you for the amazingly nice words!

Now, pardon the following intergallactic comparisons, but working in NEWS can be out of this world!

Those of  you not from the planet NEWS might not completely identify with this unusual world. I say unusual “world” (planet)  because it’s different than other workplaces. This is a place of adventure, edge-of-the-seat excitement, sometimes nightmarish politics, high emotion, rogue humor where, daily, we land square into the lives of peoples good days and their bad ones.

Some of us have been lucky to trek through the planet’s newscape from city to city and station to station. I know I have gotten to know many terrific journalists and had great bosses!  When Steve was my boss at KCOP-TV in Los Angeles he had these staff meetings that were almost a little like being in a college classroom. Standing next to an oversized flip-pad of paper on a tall tripod he’d talk about everything from ratings to storytelling to formats. These were every week or two and after every one I’d walk into his office, he’d say “how did I do?” and, I’d say “it was so good that if you were a Rabbi I’d join your temple!”

Steve Cohen has seen it all! Now, he’s penned it into book form. Its an interesting read. He talks about the different broadcasters that have been in his world from Bill O’Reilly, Bill Paley, Geraldo Rivera, Connie Chung, Ross Becker, Robert Kovacik and on and on! The list is huge and the story is interesting. After all, it took a lifetime to write!

Journalist Kitty Alva has more on The Newslife from Arkansas to Aruba in the ARTICLES section of The book is available at and can be downloaded on Kindle and KOBO.

As for me, I still say if Steve Cohen were a rabbi I’d join his temple. But, since he isn’t I’m just glad he wrote this book and that we’re on the same planet!


About Hal Eisner

Hal Eisner is a reporter at FOX 11 News in Los Angeles

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