Ipadding the News!

August 6, 2011

In a very lucky turn of events I got an IPad. Not that I never wanted one. It just wasn’t on the “I can’t live without it” list! I have a nifty IPhone 4 so, to me, the IPad seemed like an overgrown IPhone. Now, I wonder why it wasn’t on my “I can’t live without it list”!

First, I was already an information hungry guy. Now, I’m bloated! I am now finding new ways to get information and ┬áreally enjoying the heck out of it!

More than that its an amazing tool in reporting. Example: My Friday night story focused on video released in Philadelphia that started with a woman spanking her boy while sitting in a bus and ended up on a pair of men shooting at the bus! I know it sounds strange! Okay … more info. The woman spanks her boy. Another passenger says she is abusing her son. She makes a cellphone call presumably to get another relative who shows up at the next bus stop with two armed men getting revenge!

Using the IPad I walked up and down a street showing the video to people and getting their reactions. There was shock! Actual horror you could read on people’s faces as they watched two men with automatic rifles fire on a public bus! Got to tell you … I never could have pulled that off on an IPhone or my laptop.

So a great big fat welcome to my new overgrown IPhone .. my IPad :-) Now, I’m wondering if I could ever live without it!

About Hal Eisner

Hal Eisner is a reporter at FOX 11 News in Los Angeles

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