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APTRA Academy

APTRA Academy Quotes

From Natali Del Conte
APTRA Academy 2003 Student

"It is so nice to be surrounded by people who believe in you. I needed that confidence but beyond that, the ability to practice reporting and talk about applying for jobs was invaluable! Up until now, I felt like I was throwing out my resume arbitrarily hoping to hit a job. It was as if I were blindfolded and throwing arrows at a dartboard. After this weekend, I feel like the blindfold has been lifted and I can direct my arrows in the right direction."

From Christina Joubert
APTRA Academy 2003 Student

"APTRA Academy 2003 was one of the most remarkable and enlightening experiences I've ever had. I have spent the last six years in college working toward my degree in Journalism and until this experience, I had no sense of what being "in the field" felt like. The Monday following the Academy, I spoke in front of and showed my package to three journalism classes at SDSU. I am certain that at the next Academy you will see the faces of many of my classmates. I only hope I will be there to mentor! Before the Academy I "liked" the business - but now I am truly in love with it."

From Academy Mentor Jon Beaupré/Associate Professor
California State Los Angeles

"This was my third year. In addition to the wonderful, enthusiastic students, it's a great time to catch up with friends. APTRA Academy has become a terrific addition to the great tradition of volunteering and community action here in So. Cal. Can't wait for next year!"

From Chelsea Bellows
APTRA Academy 2003 Student

"The whole Academy experience was amazing. The mentors were all so helpful & genuinely friendly. Every student was so talented and I can't wait to see one of us on the nightly news."

From Karen Bower
APTRA Academy 2003 Student

"At the end of the first day of the APTRA academy, I felt as though I had just gotten off a roller coaster ride at an amusement park. Our simulated story had so many twists and turns that my adrenaline was still flowing well into the night while our team was still editing. Thanks to each and every one of you who made this such an exciting storyline, and also for allowing me to come away with the 'real' knowledge of what it is like to work out in the field. I've learned a great deal this weekend and look forward to attending more APTRA events in the future."

From Academy Mentor Tim Langford/Writer
KTTV Fox 11/KCOP UPN 13/Los Angeles

"What surprised me the most about APTRA Academy was how well the student-reporter's tapes turned out. The Public Information Officers from LAPD, LA County Fire and DEA gave the stories authenticity. The actors were entirely believable. And the news event itself was packed with action and emotion. I helped mentor four young reporters, and I was amazed how real the stories looked after they were written and edited. Amazing!"

From Megan Marlena
APTRA Academy 2003 Student

"This was a priceless experience I will always remember. What I learned at APTRA Academy from my mentors was amazing and taught me so much!

From Karen Matsumoto
APTRA Academy 2003 Student

"This was my second year at the Academy and I've still learned so much and have so much to take with me on my journey to my career as a future reporter."

From Academy Mentor Abe Mendoza/Photographer-Editor
KGO TV/San Francisco

"I really enjoyed my time at the APTRA Reporter/Anchor Bootcamp academy. I truly believe this is a great experience for students to learn (more) about the business that (than) any internship or college classroom can give an aspiring reporter. Group C rocked!"

From Academy Mentor Robert Rand/Investigative Producer
KCAL-KCBS-TV/Los Angeles

"The APTRA Academy 2003 was light years ahead of my first mentorship in 2002 - better organization, better story line, better execution and, a better experience for the students. It is fascinating to see how far and how fast people can develop new skills in just 31 hours. My students - Chelsea, Darcy, Nicole, and Nyia - were the best! All of them hit the ground running and didn't stop until they put together an amazing account of the story. It's not easy to sum up a complicated situation in 1:26 but they did it with intelligence, compassion, and skill. Hal and his team who put the weekend together deserve our collective congratulations and respect. Major thanks should go to the to the PIO's, the actors, the make-up artists who voulnteered their time and the stations that contributed equipment.The students shared an experience that far surpasses what they might get from an entire month sitting in a journalism classroom. Somebody reached out and helped me in the door when I was in college. The experience of giving back has had me smiling all week."

From Academy Mentor Elie Seckbach
KTTV FOX 11/KCOP UPN 13/Los Angeles

"You can easily crown this years AFTRA's reporters camp - The Triathlon of Broadcasting... Campers got a chance to do it all: interview, write, do a live shot, a stand up, get tips from working professionals and cut a package in a REAL work environment - all in less than 36 hours...
Even more impressive, was seeing the campers develop, watching them grow, bringing them one step closer to achieving their goals."

From Alec Shreck
APTRA Academy 2003 Student

"The academy weekend was, perhaps, the favorite weekend of my adult life. It was the first time I pursued my dream. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you making it possible. Thank-you."

From Stephanie Soviar
APTRA Academy 2003 Student

"I met every goal I hoped to achieve this weekend! Not only did I overcome my fear of a liveshot, I learned how to construct an error-free package. This camp not only taught me the essentials of building a resume tape, it also boosted my confidence. Count on me attending future APTRA events, as this one was unforgettable!"

From Academy Mentor Mark Sudock/Editor
KTTV Fox 11/KCOP UPN 13/Los Angeles

"My experience as an APTRA mentor was among the most rewarding events of my life. Giving back to this enthusiastic, committed group of future broadcasters was a privilege. Only one negative... two days a year is not enough to satisfy."

From Academy Mentor Bob Tarlau/Sr. Producer
KTTV FOX 11/Los Angeles

"Again, it was a wonderful APTRA weekend. Thanks again for including me... I'm already looking forward to next year, as are many others who were there this weekend."

From Academy Mentor Maria Quiban/Weather Anchor
KCOP UPN 13/Los Angeles

"This was my second year participating in the APTRA academy in Malibu and once again, I had an incredible time. The students in the anchor academy were a pleasure to work with. They were eager to learn and absorbed what we had to share. Watching their tremendous progress from the short time we spent together was very inspiring. Once again, I took away so much more than I gave. I was surrounded my many veterans and I always learn so much by
being there."