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Privacy Policy

HalEisner.com has drafted this document, which details how we gather information, in an effort to demonstrate our strong commitment to online privacy. Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy.

Guestbooks & Search Engines
HalEisner.com offers a guestbook, bulletin board and a site search mechanism. Please note that information that is disclosed in these arenas becomes public including, but not limited to; email address, name, IP address and search queries. Use caution in disclosing any personal information that you do not wish to be public.

Although we here at HalEisner.com believe in the 1st Amendment and expressed rights related to freedom of speech, we wish to maintain guestbook and bulletin board submissions to our specifications. If a specific submission monopolizes the mission of HalEisner.com by expressing negative remarks, gossip or information deemed to be libelous, we reserve the right to censor such submissions. Our mission here at HalEisner.com is to contribute to the integrity of the journalism profession, and not to cheapen it by allowing slanderous or libelous remarks on our bulletin boards or guestbook forums. Although HalEisner.com does take great strides to ensure that such submissions do meet our missions' specifications, HalEisner.com is not responsible for remarks made by its' users in any digital format, including but not limited to bulletin boards, message boards, email transmissions, and guestbooks.

HalEisner.com allows users to opt out of receiving e-mail from us. To opt out of Hal's mailing list you can send e-mail to Hal@HalEisner.com, with the word "REMOVE" in the subject line.
HalEisner.com does NOT sell, distribute or disseminate ANY information about our users. This includes, but is not limited to; email addresses, IP addresses, or personal information regarding our users.

Tracking & Documentation
HalEisner.com does track users that visit our site. This record is freely viewable by the public.
The tracker collects information and records it, making it public immediately. This information may include, but is not limited to; IP address, ISP or host/server, Browser configuration and referring sites. HalEisner.com does NOT sell, distribute or disseminate any of this information, however it is public.

Third-Party Content
This site contains links to other sites. HalEisner.com also utilizes third-party content providers. HalEisner.com is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these sites.

Children's Guidelines
Pursuant to the provisions of the Children's Online Privacy Act of 1998, we do not collect or use any online contact information or identifiable off-line contact information about a child without parental consent. We do not distribute personally identifiable information about children. We do not entice children with games or contests that would encourage them to disclose personal information.

Additional Queries
Any additional questions regarding our privacy policy may be addressed to Jocelyne@haleisner.com