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APTRA Academy
The Actors of APTRA Academy

Whether it's a brush fire, a hostage situation or a swat action, it's the actors who help bring APTRA Academy's stories to life! Real-life actors from film, stage and television! People who know how to instantly turn on tears - explode into anger - be taken down by the cops! Actors who give of their time to come to the Academy in order to help others. Some of those who have participated in past camps have included one of APTRA Academy's biggest fans Conrad Bachmann. He's appeared at APTRA Academy twice. He played a U.S. Senator in 2003 and, a year later, the husband of a hostage victim. These days Conrad can be seen on "General Hospital." Recent Emmy winner Kathryn Joosten, who became well known as Mrs. Landingham on "The West Wing" and can be seen in such shows as "Joan Of Arcadia" and "Desperate Housewives" portrayed a hostage at APTRA Academy 2004. That same year D.W. Miller created the role of a unibomber-type suspect. Actor Jamie Liles played the suspect's wife. In 2003, Nancy Sinclair portrayed a traumatized victim during a massive brush fire. And, in 2002, Star Trek Enterprise's Vaughn Armstrong where no Star Trek actor has gone before -- APTRA Academy!

This year APTRA Academy is proud to announce an all star lineup!

Back for his third straight year is Conrad Bachmann. Besides "General Hospital," his credits include appearances in such films as "Tremors", "Outbreak", "Rules of Engagement" and "The Astronaut's Wife". His television credits reach back for decades and include such shows as "The West Wing", "Team Knight Rider", "Beverly Hills, 90210", "Falcon Crest ", "Dynasty", "St. Elsewhere", "Charlie's Angels", "Starsky and Hutch", "The Rockford Files", "Mannix", "Mission Impossible" and much much more!

Harold Sylvester, best known for his role as "Griff" in "Married With Children" makes his first appearance at APTRA Academy. Sylvester is another with a list of credits a mile long. Among them, such movies as "Missing Brendan", "Corrina Corrina" and "An Officer and a Gentleman". Notable TV guest appearances include roles on dozens of shows including "Cold Case", "CSI: Miami", "City of Angels", "Moesha", "NYPD Blue", "Murder She Wrote" and "Hill Street Blues".

Tina Marie Nigro is making her first appearance at APTRA Academy. Among her credits she was a co-star in the film "Entrapment", was featured in "Eraser" and a guest on "Curb Your Enthusiasm". She's also been in a number of stage plays and commercials.

Back for her second year is Jamie Liles. Jamie has appeared in film, on stage and in commercials. Among her credits are the films "Buds For Life", "Nowhere Street", "My Type and Gus". On stage, she's starred in such productions as "The Sound of Music" and "What the World Needs Now".

For the first time APTRA Academy welcomes the husband and wife team of Jacee Jule and Kevin Patrick Wright. Jacee, whose appeared on such shows as "Third Rock from the Sun" and "General Hospital," is best known for her role as "Patty" on "Days of Our Lives". Kevin has a recurring role on "Days of Our Lives". He also has one on "Santa Barbara". In addition to his stage, tv and film acting, Kevin wrote and directed the independent feature "13 Blake Street".

Jim Troesh is an actor/writer whose credits include work in film, tv and stage, but he's best known for his recurring role as Scotty Wilson on "Highway to Heaven" starring the late Michael Landon.