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The comments posted here are portions of what was submitted to APTRA by APTRAPrep participants as part of a questionaire on the value of the organization's tape critique workshop.

From Seth Browning
Los Alamitos, Ca.

"I felt this workshop was invaluable for individuals who are pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. This tape critique weekend has molded the future for my future stories and has better prepared me to land a job in a small market."

From Cary Chow
Villa Park, Ca.

The most helpful aspect of the Vegas 2005 Tape Critique Workshop was the sheer amount of news directors. Having a private session with one of five news directors whose sole intentions are to help us is a rare feat.

From Deborah Villalta
Orange, Ca.

I loved the advice I received. I found the tape critiques extremely beneficial and helpful in regards to how I should improve. I must say I have a better understanding and clear concept on what direction to take in this industry and how to apply for the job of my dreams as a reporter.

From Jasmine Johnson
Playa Vista, Ca.

I really enjoyed the workshop! The best part of the workshop was being able to meet with the news directors for 30 minutes and to receive feedback."

From Allison Zaragoza
San Diego

"I am definitely glad that I made this trip. The fact that this workshop was small and intimate made it really great. I really felt that everyone tried to get to know everyone and help out in any way. The critique appointments really worked out great!"

From Joy Lambert
Fountain Valley, Ca.

"I really enjoyed this event. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. The tape critiques were very helpful and the panelists gave great advise. I really loved the panel discussion where "memorable moments" were discussed. I will remember that and make an effort to create them. This was a wonderful experience. I learned so much!"

From Jon Castagnino
Las Vegas

"I was reassured that this is a tough business to get into and that I have a talent. I've been pondering whether or not to stay in the business and APTRAPrep has given me more confidence to stay in and gut it out. Thank you to everyone!"

From Ruth Castillo-Eggett
San Diego

"What a great event! Meet media pros that give constructive, honest assessments of your resume tape. Get ideas on how to make your tape stronger. Network with news directors, reporters and photojournalists who are willing to mentor you. Take what you learn at APTRAPrep and use it! I'm going home to work on my skills."

From Jennifer Kim
Sherman Oaks, Ca.

"Every time I go to one of Hal's "shin-digs," it only confirms my decision that I'm in the right place. the tape critique session was great ... the mentors were invaluable with their advice, but more than anything, they were inspiring. And, inspiration is everything to me. It's what keeps me going in the business. I loved hearing about their personal stories."

From Julia Scott
Tucson, Az.

The APTRAPrep workshop has opened my eyes to so many more opportunities in broadcast journalism. All of the panelists were incredible sources of information about the television business. I especially liked the one-on-one tape critiques as well as the 10 minute "blitz critique."

From Alexis Hammack
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"The most important things I walked out of the APTRAPrep workshop with were solid connections and real world advice. The networking opportunities alone were worth the price of admission for me. The experience represented by the mentors in this one weekend was more valuable to me than all of my journalism classes in college. There was no sugar-coating of the broadcast journalists lifestyle, but the passion they all showed was a great indication to me of what it takes to succeed.

From Sally Showman
Santa Clara, Ca.

"I learned more in two days than I have in some of my college classes! It was refreshing to hear from people who are so passionate about their career."