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APTRA Academy 2006 Mentor List

NOTE FROM HAL: This is the list of people who have agreed to participate in this year's 7th Annual APTRA Academy and APTRA Academy En Espanol. More pros will be added to this list and, between now and October 7th, a few may have to be deleted due to a conflict here or there. We will update this list every Monday as we do with the rest of Thanks to all of those mentors participating who are giving of their time to help those who have dreams of being just like them!!!

Nancy Aguilar/KRCA Reporter/Los Angeles
Rachel Ambrose/AP Sr. Broadcast Editor/Los Angeles
Jorge Avila/KINC Photographer/Las Vegas
Juan Aviles/Televisa Network/Mexico City
Ana Vela-Ayala/KVEA Associate Producer/Los Angeles
Conrad Bachmann/Actor/Los Angeles
Brett Bachmann/Actor/Los Angeles
John Beard/KTTV Anchor/Los Angeles
Ross Becker/KNBC Anchor-Reporter/Los Angeles
Oswaldo Borraez/Univision KMEX Reporter/Los Angeles
Dacharee Briggs/Makeup Artist/Los Angeles
Mariana Llamas-Cendon/Managing Editor of Mi Estrella/Ventura
Kevin Charette/ KGET Morning Weather Anchor - Reporter / Bakersfield
Ana Bertha Coronado/Televisa Executive Producer/Mexico City
David Cruz/KNBC Anchor-Reporter/Los Angeles
Mike Davitch/KPIX Photographer/San Francisco
Christine Devine/KTTV Anchor/Los Angeles
Leesa Dillon/KLAS Managing Editor/Las Vegas
Andie Donnelly/Makeup Artist/Los Angeles
Ryan Durling/Makeup Artist/Los Angeles
Hal Eisner/KCOP-KTTV Reporter/Los Angeles
Cristy Fajardo/KCOP-KTTV Reporter/Los Angeles
Bryan Frank/KCAL-KCBS Videographer - Editor/Los Angeles
Daniela Ganoza/DirecTV Latin America Host-Reporter/Los Angeles
Teresa Garcia/KGO Reporter-Anchor/San Francisco
Jen Giragos/Makeup Artist/Los Angeles
David Goldstein/KCAL-KCBS Reporter/Los Angeles
Jaime Gonzales/KINC Editor/Las Vegas
Gigi Graciette/KCOP-KTTV Reporter/Los Angeles
Kimberly Graczyk/Makeup Artist/Los Angeles
Vicky Gutierrez/KVEA Telemundo Reporter-Anchor/Los Angeles
Silva Harapetian/Freelance Reporter/Austin,Texas
Rob Hayes/KABC-TV Reporter/Los Angeles
Caitilin Henry/Makeup Artist/Los Angeles
Tamara Henry/Santa Monica City TV 16 & Beverly Hills Cable TV 10 Anchor/Los Angeles
Jim Holcomb/KTTV Police Specialist/Los Angeles
Jaqueline Hurtado/Univision KFTV Reporter/Fresno
Roger Hyman/KCOP-KTTV Programming Coordinator/Los Angeles
Eric Iverson/APTRA Webmaster/Los Angeles
Julio Jara/KMEX Photographer-Editor/Los Angeles
Captain Brian Jordan/LA County Fire PIO/Los Angeles
Randy Kerdoon/KNX Radio & Fox Sports Net Sports Anchor/Los Angeles
Tim Langford/KTTV Writer-Producer/Los Angeles
Eric Leonard/KFI Reporter/Los Angeles
Steve Large/KCOY Anchor/Santa Maria
Alvaro Leal/KVEA-KNBC Photographer-Editor/Los Angeles
Tracy Lehr/KEYT Anchor-Reporter/Santa Barbara
Jamie Liles/Actor/Los Angeles
Sgt. Rick Martinez/Anaheim Police Department
Tammy Mills/KGET Photographer-Editor/Bakersfield
Farbod Mirfakhrai/Entertainment Tonight Editor/Los Angeles
Yolanda Morales/APTRA Academy Grad/Los Angeles
Mike Murrie/ Pepperdine University Communications Professor / Malibu
Jennifer Musa/CBS 29-FOX 58 Reporter/Bakersfield
Tina Marie Nigro/Actor/Los Angeles
Lance Orozco/KLCU Reporter/Thousand Oaks
Julissa Ortiz/CBS13-UPN31 Anchor-Reporter/Sacramento
Tara Phylius/Makeup Artist/Los Angeles
Emilia Pablo/KINC Producer/Las Vegas
John Pilios/KGET News Director/Bakersfield
Karen Posada/KTTV-KCOP Reporter/Los Angeles
Sarah Pullen/DEA Special Agent - PIO/Los Angeles
Robert Rand/KCBS-KCAL Investigative Producer/Los Angeles
Naibe Reynosa/Freelance Reporter/Los Angeles
Wes Rodda/KCOY News Promotions Producer/Santa Maria
Fabian Rodriguez/KVEA-KNBC Photographer-Editor/Los Angeles
Jocelyne Rohrback - Ovalle / Cumulus Radio DJ / Ventura
Rosana Romero-Correa/KINC Reporter/Las Vegas
Josh Rubenstein / KCAL-KCBS Weather Anchor- Reporter / Los Angeles
Joe Ruiz/KCBS-KCAL Photogapher-Editor/Los Angeles
Jason Rutherford/KSBY Photographer-Editor/San Luis Obispo
Capt. Mark Savage/LA Co. Fire Dept. PIO/Los Angeles
Alec Schreck/KFBB Reporter/Great Falls-Helena Montana
Jeff Schultz/KCOP News Producer/Los Angeles
Joy Short/Producer/Palm Springs
Phil Shuman / KTTV Reporter/Los Angeles
Gina Silva/KTTV-KCOP Anchor-Reporter/Los Angeles
Paul Skolnick/KCAL-KCBS Managing Editor/Los Angeles
Shari Small/KSBY Anchor/San Luis Obispo
Anthony Smiljkovich/KTTV-KCOP Field Producer/Los Angeles
Captain Roland Sprewell/LA County Fire Dept./Los Angeles
Carl Stein/KCBS-KCAL Photographer/Los Angeles
Harold Sylvester/Actor/Los Angeles
Bob Tarlau/KTTV Senior Producer/Los Angeles
Natalie Tejeda/WOAI Reporter/San Antonio
Mark Thompson/KTTV Weather Anchor/Los Angeles
Kiyoshi Tomono/KGET Anchor/Bakersfield
Glenn Walker/KCBS-KCAL Anchor-Reporter/Los Angeles
Gaylen Young/KGET Anchor/Bakersfield