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Lance Orozco has been a part of since our first launch and we'll miss his weekly updates of what's new in the world of broadcasting. Lance has handed the reigns over to Joy Short. She'll now be covering our weekly feature, The Buzz, and you can read it here.

April 29, 2002

KNTV CHANGES: The soon-to-be NBC owned station in the San Francisco Bay area is making more changes. The Washington Post reports that WRC/Washington, D.C. President/General Manager Linda Sullivan will become KNTV's GM after the FCC approves the station's purchase from Granite Broadcasting. Sullivan has been at WRC for five years. VP/News Scott Diener left KNTV, while current n.d. Bob Goldberger is expected to stay on, but in a different capacity.

TECH CHANGES IN TECH TV: Bay Area based Tech TV announced a new round of layoffs, cutting 50 more employees. The move follows huge cuts last fall. The cable net has also announced some changes in its orientation from its mainly instructional programming to add entertainment shows to its mix.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: That's the promo line for KNX/Los here's what you need to know about them!

Longtime n.d. Bob Sims retired, after 20 years at the helm...and 34 years at
the station. Ed Pyle has been promoted from assistant n.d. to n.d. Pyle has
been at KNX for more than a decade, and is a former n.d. at cross town rival
(and now co-owned) KFWB. And, longtime KNX staffer Ronnie Bradford has been
promoted to Executive News producer.

MOVING UP AT CNN: Former KCBS-TV/Los Angeles anchor/reporter Sophia Choi has
been promoted to an evening anchor slot at CNN.

BACK AGAIN: Bob Jordan just can't stay away from WFTV/Orlando, signing on
for his third stint at the station.The former KCBS-TV n.d. is now n.d. at the Orlando station.Jordan was most recently the g.m. at WPTV/West Palm Beach.

HOW DO YOU SAY "TOUCHDOWN" IN GERMAN? KCAL/Los Angeles sportscaster Derrin
Horton is also handling announcing duties for NFL/Europe games on Fox Sports

April 15th, 2002
FCC SAYS OKAY TO NBC, TELEMUNDO DEAL: The Federal Communications Commission this week gave final approval to NBC's purchase of Telemundo, and its 11 television stations. As part of the deal, NBC...which owns KNBC-TV/Los Angeles...will have to sell one of Telemundo's two stations in Los Angeles in the next 12 months. That's not a fun proposition for the employees, because they've already gone through a long period of instability. Telemundo owned KVEA/52 as its West Coast network flagship. Then, about 18 months ago, the network bought KWHY/Canal 22, one of the most successful independent Spanish-language independent stations in the country. Telemundo spent the next year combining operations, and dealing with the logistics of moving 22's news operations into thesame Glendale complex. Just about the time all that is completed, word comes NBC is buying the network. NBC says it will sell Channel 52. NBC's master control facilities in L.A. could get pretty already handles KNBC, KNSD/San Diego, and KPXN. the Pax television station in Los Angeles, plus KWHY.

April 8th, 2002

PARTY TIME IN VEGAS: Okay,'s time to fly the chopper and not worry about whether the boss is looking over your shoulder on that breaking news story!!! News directors and GM's are in Las Vegas for the next few days for what promises to be a wild party...combined RTNDA and NAB conventions. You can bet tight budgets...and doing more with less will be among the hot topics.

ANOTHER MESSAGE TO THE FCC: There's another sign the big are going to get bigger in the TV world. A U.S. appeals court ruled last week that federal regulators haven't sufficiently justified rules which limit multiple station ownership in about half of the nation's TV markets. The FCC hasn't responded, but there are rumblings it may throw many of its current rules out on station ownership limits.

MOVING UP THE COAST: Aimee Carl moves to KATU/Portland as a weekend morning
anchor and reporter, moving up from KCBA/Salinas.

IT'S ABOUT TIME: Jennifer Sabih is now a staff reporter at KCBS-TV/Los
Angeles, after one of the longest freelance gigs in history. She's on her
third news director, and has been there longer most of the current staff

ROLLING THE DICE: Veronica Sanchez is now at KTNV/Las Vegas as a reporter,
moving from KMPH/Fresno

April 2nd, 2002

SHAKEUP CITY: Four major newsroom executives are gone from KNBC-TV/Los Angeles. Special Projects Executive Producer Keiko Johnson started the avalanche, when she quit in early March. Then, on March 25th, Assistant News Director Jamie Foster, Managing Editor Jim Huntington, and Executive Producer Stacy Scholder were all fired.

LAYOFFS VERSION 2002.4: Bay Area based TechTV made more cuts. The cable network cancelled its "Silicon Spin" and "AudioFile" shows...laying off a number of staffers. Last year, the network made huge cuts in the amount of fresh programming it produces, and fired a number of staff members.