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Letter from New York
Mathew Tombers is Managing Director of Intermat, Inc., ( a television company which executive produces programs and consults with industry companies on a variety of issues. Intermat, Inc. is currently involved in approximately thirty hours of television in various stages for a variety of networks. He is one of the Executive Producers of OFF TO WAR, a ten hour series for Discovery Times and for a one hour on international adoptions for Discovery Health. He has consulted a variety of companies, including Ted Turner Documentaries, WETA, Betelgeuse Productions, and Creation Films, Lou Reda Productions as well as many others.
On The Road Again

Over the next several months, the letter from New York will originate from a number of surprising places. I’m not even sure what all of them will be. Recently my company was engaged for a four month consulting engagement by Animal Planet International.

Last week, we determined I would travel to at least the following places: Canada, Mexico, Columbia or Argentina, Miami, London, Poland, India, Singapore and Taiwan.

It’s back to the old international road I have traveled other times in my life. In my heart I hear the siren song of distant places, the lure of exotic smells and visions, the excitement of meeting new people and drinking in new experiences. Coupled with this is the opportunity in places like Delhi to see if I can connect with old friends like Kiran Karnik, who used to run Discovery there and is now a player in the India Software Association – which makes him an important man not only in India but in every country that relies upon India for outsourced software services.

In between we will spend some vacation time on Santorini and Corsica before flying back to Paris to catch a plane for New York for Tripp and to…somewhere...for me.

This summer I will likely see less than I want of the house on the creek and more of airports than I thought I would ever see again.

The engagement is intellectually exciting and I am finding myself both mentally and physically stimulated by the challenges. I find myself feeling a little daunted by the physical challenge of traveling to so many places while challenged on a business level by finding ways to keep other aspects of my business running while I globe trot.

During the globe trotting period, I have put a colleague on retainer to handle many of the core tasks of my business. We are physically moving out of the Battery Park City apartment to a Midtown West location [read: the old Hell’s Kitchen now called Clinton to “tony” up the area] so we are putting the pedal to the metal to get everything accomplished prior to my departure for the four corners of the globe – as certainly I feel that’s where I am headed.

It will be exciting to see some of these places for the first time and to revisit others. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been in London but I have not been there in this new age in which we live. I’ve never even thought of going to Poland. I will have a chance to explore Singapore more and to experience Taiwan, bound to be a central player in some diplomatic adventure within the next few years.

While I find it especially daunting to think of visiting India in the Monsoon season – it was 122 degrees there last week, I find it exciting to see the social changes I have been told that have manifested themselves in the last ten years.

Toronto promises a great opportunity to revisit one of my favorite cities on earth while I have never experienced Mexico City in any season. Now if I had a choice between Columbia and Argentina, I would take Argentina – I’ve always wanted some Argentine beef with their famous reds.

So over the next months you will experience some of these places with me as I will do my best to keep up my weekly narrative from here and there. I look forward to this intense period of travel with a mixture of glee, trepidation, excitement, anticipation, and a sense of wonder.

Our world is a wonderful though confusing place and I will have to become flexible again to the max as many of the elements of travel are out of our control – just like now, writing this as I wait for a much delayed flight back to New York.

Tally Ho!