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LA Area Emmy Awards

Winners! Winners! Winners!

As the Executive Producer in the 2003 LA Emmys, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the people who worked behind the scenes, the talent, the volunteers, the star studded lineup of celebrity presenters, the show's musical performers Sha Na Na and the night's terrific host John O'Hurley an enormous thank you! There were so many people who worked on this show it's tough to name all of them, but I'd like to single out Jeff Androsky, Carol Sherman and all of the team at Tri-Crown Productions. This was their first year producing this show and, based on the comments I heard afterward, they did a tremendous job! Androsky, who directed the event, calling shot after shot - great shots -- a great show! Joanne Morris, our writer for the 5th straight year brought life to the 55th Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards through her words. Bruce Gammill, Anthony Lee and Guest On Line made the live webcast possible, will archive it for the next year making it possible to watch over at any time on and this Saturday night, at one hour special version of the show, will be broadcast on KCAL/Channel 9. It was a fun night.

KCAL and Fox Sports Net had a big night walking away with eleven Emmys each at this year's LA Area Emmy Awards. Good Day LA was named outstanding regular daytime newscast. Channel 4 News at 11PM won Best regularly scheduled half-hour news show. KCAL9 News at Ten was awarded the Emmy for best regular newscasts over 35 minutes length.
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Entertainment programming
"Countdown to the Latin Grammy Awards" (CBS2, Fox 11)
Chitra Chand, Segment Producer
Suzan Jorgensen-Torgerson, Field Producer
Lisa-Renee Ramirez, Executive Producer
Melanie Steensland, Executive Producer

Live special events
"Desfile de Las Rosas 2002" (KMEX)
Richard Blanco, Executive Producer
Beatriz D. Gomez, Associate Producer
Von Gorman, Producer
Eduardo Kachscovsky, Producer/Director
Pablo Urquiza, Producer

Sports feature
"Walter Bratton" (Southern California Sports Report, FSN)
Todd Donoho, Reporter
Gary Meeker, Camera
Mark Perez, Producer
Tony Stefanelli, Editor

Sports series (programming)
"So Cal Prep Spotlight" (FSN)
Fox Sports Net Sports Team

Short Promo
"Bad Day" (UPN13)
Kathleen Bracken, Producer

"Coma Survivors" (Fox 11)
Michael Charach, Producer

"I Watch KTLA"
Pam Schoen, Producer

"Mark Madsen: He's Ready ... Are You?" (KCAL 9)
Garry Ashton, Producer
Ronald Jacobs, Producer
Bobby Matthews, Producer

"Up Close: Murder in the Family" (KCAL 9)
Janeen Vogelaar, Producer

News writer
Diego Carro, KVEA/KWHY
Tim Langford, FOX11

Creative Technical Crafts: Non-news Writing
Daryl Lewis, FSN
Patt Morrison, KCET

Serious News Story -- Single Report
"The Forgotten" (Noticiero Telemundo 52 a Las 6), KVEA
Sarah Acevedo, Producer
Ruben Luengas, Reporter
Juan-Manuel Martinez, Editor
Ali Santana, Camera

Serious News Story -- Multi-part
"9/11: America Remembers" (Eyewitness News, ABC 7)
Jeff MacIntyre, Camera/Editor
Julia Seifer, Producer

"The Other Border" (Noticiero Telemundo 52 a Las 11) (KVEA)
Raymundo Diaz, Executive Producer
Gustavo Gutierrez, Camera
Gabriel Huerta, Reporter
Juan-Manuel Martinez, Editor

Informational/Public Affairs Series (less than 50% studio-based)
"Street Music Los Angeles" (KDOC)
Jerry Day, Host/Producer

Informational/Public Affairs Series (more than 50% studio-based)
"Making It! Minority Success Stories" (KTLA)
Nelson Davis, Executive Producer
Xiomara Galindo, Reporter
Kimberly Holmes-Lamar, Producer
Larry McCormick, Co-Host
Lynette Romero, Co-Host
Errol Smith, Reporter
Lecia Van Horn, Segment Producer

Public, Municipal and Operator-produced Cable
"Glendale Cops 2002 Highlight" (GTV6)
Tor Rolf Seemann, Producer

"Robert F. Kennedy Medical Center: 75 Years of Service" (Hawthorne Community TV)
Marta Houske, Producer

L.A. Local Color
"The Souls of Los Angeles: Local Culture: (KCET)
Jim Morgison, Producer
Brent Sterling Nemetz, Producer

Arts and Culture/History
"Mendez vs. Westminster: For All the Children/Para Todos Los Ninos (KOCE)
Maria Hall-Brown, Executive Producer
Ed Miskevich, Executive Producer
Sandra Robbie, Producer

Live Coverage of an Unscheduled News Event
"4th of July Shooting at LAX (Channel 4 News/NBC4)
NBC4 News Team

Crime/Social Issues
"Journey to Africa" (NBC4)
Rebecca Nieto, Executive Producer
Michele Ruiz, Host

Children/Youth Programming
"The Academic Decathlon Super Quiz" (KLCS)
Janalyn W. Glymph, Executive Producer
Barry Kibrick, Host/Producer
Geoff Nathanson, Host

"Nine Days That Could Save Your Life" (KCAL 9)
Candace Bergmann, Associate Producer
Dilva Henry, Host
Kimberly McWatt, Producer

Instructional Programming
"Transitions Throughout the Life Span" (KOCE)
Vanessa Chambers, Associate Producer
Jason Daley, Associate Producer
Dan C. Jones, Executive Producer
Alejandro P. Lopez, Co-Producer
Laurie R. Melby, Executive Producer
Salma Montez, Associate Producer
Wendy Moulton-Tate, Producer

News Editor
Clay Thornton CBS2

Non-News Editor
Spencer Willets FSN

Public Service Announcement
"L.A.P.D. 9/11" (NBC4)
Leonideas S. Epps IV, Producer

Feature Segment
"Meeting Ben Anthony (2002 Special Olympics Southern California Summer Games)" (FSN)
Peter Bailey, Editor
Leanza Cornett, Reporter
Jonathan Lababit, Producer
Ed Lewis, Camera
Nik Stanjevich, Camera
Mark Walton, Camera

Information Segment
"Gang Injunction (LA This Week)" (LA Cityview 35)
Gail Choice, Producer
Casey Dake, Editor
Tony Ighani, Producer
Tom Kuwahara, Camera
Anna Marcos-Maganini, Reporter/Producer
Richard Samuels, Producer

Daniel Cordeniz, Graphics FSN

"Saturday Cinema Showcase" (KTLA)
Giorgia Zecchini, Graphic Artist

Light News Story -- Multi-Part
"The New Space Race (KCAL News At Nine)" (KCAL 9)
Jaime Garza, Reporter
Karlo Gharabegian, Editor
Lily Lee, Associate Producer
Robert Pastoriza, Photographer
Richard Van Syckle, Producer

Light News Story -- Single Report
"Soaring With Eagles (CBS News at 5)" (CBS2)
Richard Alvarez, Editor
Dolores Gillham, Photographer
Randy Paige, Reporter

Short Informational Programming
"From The Street: Care Alert" (KCAL9/CBS2)
Don Corsini, Executive Producer
Mansan Luc, Associate Producer
Stephanie Medina Rodriguez, Producer
Richard Van Syckle, Producer

Sports Specials
"Showtime Dreams" (FSN)
Fox Sports Net Sports Team

Sports Reporting
Dawn Heusser, Reporter FSN
Kelly Hotzfeld, Producer
Daryl Lewis, Producer

Fred Roggin, Reporter NBC 4
Charlie Rosene, Producer

Non-News Director
Brent Sterling Nemetz KCET

News Director
Stephanie E. Medina, KTLA

Investigative Reporting
"Disciplined Doctors (News at 11PM) (NBC4)
David Fernandez, Photographer
James Hourani, Editor
Ty Kim, Executive Producer
Fred Mamoun, Producer
Paul Moyer, Reporter

"DPSS Fraud (News at 11PM) (NBC4)
Joel Cooke, Photographer
Laurel Erickson, Reporter
James Hourani, Editor
Ty Kim, Executive Producer
Fred Mamoun, Producer

"Lakes Contamination (Noticiero Telemundo a las 6)" (KVEA)
Noe Carrillo, Editor
Raymundo Diaz, Executive Producer
Jose Hernandez, Camera
Gabriel Huerta, Reporter
Hugo Lopez, Camera
Juan-Manuel Martinez, Editor
Jordi Ortega, Reporter/Camera
Maria Araiz-Perez, Reporter
Aldo Rizzo, Editor
Linda Salomon, Producer

News Feature Reporting
Chris Blatchford, Reporter/Producer FOX11

Sports Tease
"1,2,3 Lakes! (L.A. Lakers Basketball) (KCAL 9)
Garry Ashton, Producer
Ronald Jacobs, Producer
Tom Mouzis, Producer

"Angels Red October Celebration" (FSN)
Greg Taylor, Producer
Spencer Willets, Associate Producer

"How Lucky We Are (L.A. Lakers Basketball)" (KCAL9)
Garry Ashton, Producer
Tom Mouzis, Producer

"Kings vs. Chicago Blawkhawks" (FSN)
Daniel Cordeniz, Associate Producer
Dave Frederick, Producer

"The Return of Shaq" (FSN)
Jim Marinkovich, Producer
Shaquille O'Neal, Producer
Greg Taylor, Producer

News Videographer
Juan Renteria, CBS2

Non-News Videogapher (Single Camera)
Tor Rolf Seemann, GTV6

Non-News Videographer (Multi-Camera)
"L.A. Marathon XVII" (KCAL9)
Robert Berkowitz, Camera
Bruce W. Cook, Camera
Phillip M. Kerns, Camera
Brian O'Rouke, Camera
Robert Pastoriza, Camera
Chuck Reilly, Senior Video Control
Michael Scherlis, Camera
Robert M. Smith, Camera
Victor Smith, Camera
Jim Velarde, Camera
John E. Vincent, Camera
Jeff Watt, Camera
Ron Wening, Camera

Live Sports Coverage
"Fight Night Live" (KCAL9)
KCAL9 Sports Team

News Special
"L.A. Riots: Rubble to Rebirth" (NBC4)
NBC4 News Team

Hard News Reporting
David Goldstein, Reporter KCAL9

Regularly Scheduled Daily News: Daytime Newscast
"Good Day LA" (Fox11)

Regularly Scheduled Daily News: 0-35 Minute Format
"Channel 4 News at 11pm" (NBC4)

Regularly Scheduled Daily News: Over 35 Minute Format
"KCAL 9 News at Ten" (KCAL9)