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LA Area Emmy Awards

NOTE FROM HAL: I want to thank the many people who made the LA Emmys possible and memorable! I will get into more detail next week, but for now my thanks to everyone on the hard working technical team, Doug Armstrong & Touring Video, Dan Johnson and his lighting team, Joe Phelan and his set design team, the truly wonderful TV Academy Staff (particularly Scott Slaven who handled the printed program, Emmy publications Larry Gerber, the academy theatre's Bob Gould & Vicky Campobasso, webmaster Jefferson Miner, Academy controller Lisa Fike, Information System's Robert Harris, Membership's Barbara Chase and Paulette Amaro, Chad Brewer, Brijido Ruelas, Charles Sowell) -- the Academy's security team, our supportive Board of Governors and Executive Committee, the Awards Department's Sherri Ebner, our truly wonderful LA Awards Administrator Liz Korda, Academy President Herb Jellinek & VP John Leverance (thank you both!), our Chair & CEO Bryce Zabel, our LA Area Vice Chair Mitch Waldow, our Emmy after-party coordinator Roger Hyman, the never-say-die production team, our producer (I wouldn't want to do this show without her) Shirley Neal - Marlene Mathis & Park Hill Entertainment, Bruce Gammill and the great webcast team from InfoByTel (who jumped on board for the first time this year and gave it 1000%), the highly classy Mel Masuta and Andy Sales of Ernst & Young (who handled the accounting of the winners and protected those golden envelopes), our graphic artist Frank Grande (I loved his new graphic design), writer Joanne Morris (what a script!), Director Harry (he's the best) Kooperstein, our Absolutely Dependable AD Ted Lin, our Totally Dependable TD Leo Moore, Our exceptional Engineer in Charge
of Production Keith Glispie and Suite Sixteen, the dedicated volunteers,
Robin Messger and our crack publicity team at the Lippin Group, the "voice"
of the LA Emmys veteran announcer (and my friend) Larry Van Nuys, our
hysterical host (everybody loved him) Paul Rodriguez , our entertaining
performers Jack Sheldon, Elizabeth Densmore, Tor (my hat's off to you) Hyams, his band, Gretchen Parlato & her band (who performed so well at the post
show celebration) and the truly incredible A-list of celebrity presenters
that graced the stage of the Leonard H. Goldenson theatre at the Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood. Here now are some thoughts
from a few of our star presenters about their night at the LA Emmys!

George Takei/Star Trek:

This is my third time [presenting], but the first time here, and I'm glad that they're bringing it where it belongs at the Academy of Television Arts
and Sciences."

Kiersten Warren/The Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood:

"I'm fascinated about it. I have a friend that is a local reporter so I
think it's very important to support your local broadcasters."

CCH Pounder/The Shield:

"It's delightful. Next year, all of LA should be here."

Ken Howard/Crossing Jordan:

"All communities have these and I think they're important in all areas, but
particularly in L.A."

Alan Rachins/Dharma & Greg:

"It's great to be a part of things that are local and L.A. since I've been
here for close to thirty years. We need to recognize ourselves. We are
unique, we are trendsetters and it's great to be a part of it."

David Ogden Stiers/Dead Zone:

"I feel proud to be asked and grateful for the invitation. It's important
for every community to have something like this. It's important to
recognize the efforts people who do good work over long periods of time."


I am so honored to be part of it because I'm a Los Angeles girl, so it's
great to be here presenting for the Los Angeles Area Emmy's and I get to get
dressed up! When I heard that Paul Rodriguez was going to be our host, I
was jumping out of my chair. I think he's so representative of what we're
about here in Los Angeles."

Matthew St. Patrick/Six Feet Under:

"Honored, of course. This is LA and a lot of things go down here. The
broadcasters contribute to a great manner in terms of education and news,
not just locally. The stuff that happens here has an international effect."

Susanna Thompson/Once and Again:

"I'm thrilled, I'm honored to come out in support and celebrate"

Nichelle Nichols/Star Trek:

"I was very happy that they invited me to be a presenter and I'm looking
forward to it. Anything that celebrates Los Angeles is good for Los

George Gray/The Weakest Link:

"It's an honor. It's amazing. It's neat to be asked to do something like
this, but also, it covers some of my community service work. But seriously,
entertainment and news look very slick, but there's so much that goes into
it and so many people involved and people don't realize how hard it really is."

Jacob Vargas/Dragonfly:

"When you have people that are working hard and reporting the news...I think
everybody should be recognized for great work."

Raphael Sbarge/The Guardian:

"Los Angeles news is not just local news happening. It effects us
nationally and also around the world...the reason to have something like
this is to honor excellence...competition in its best form raises the
expectations...even of the best work that's out there."

Robert Wuhl/Arli$$:

"This is a lot of fun. These are the people that I watch on TV. I think
it's important for every community to be honored and get together and see
what everybody's wearing and get pissed off at who won...I love that!"

JoBeth Williams/The Big Chill:

"I'm really happy to be a part of this beacuse we do such extordinary work
here and have such great news shows. It's a privilege to be able to give
them their well-deserved awards."

Martin Landau/Ed Wood:

"I'm very happy to [be involved]. I'm presenting two news awards and I
watch the news religiously and I realize how tough it is to do newscasts
daily in a city of this size. There's a lot of respect in these awards and
I'm happy to be presenting them. Local broadcasting is essential, therefore
I think it's also essential that awards be given out for local