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LA Area Emmy Awards
As we inch our way toward the 54th Annual Los Angeles Emmy Awards show, scheduled for June 29th at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood, I want to take the time to introduce you to some of the people who are already working on this year's awards show. As Executive Producer of the LA Area Emmys I can tell you it takes a lot of work to put together an awards program like this. It takes a lot of people too and the people who work this event are terrific. They are what I call the "A TEAM" and for good reason. They're very talented, committed, dedicated and virtually all of them, like me, are back for a 6th consecutive year. That's certainly the case for the two people I'd like you to meet this week. They don't come any better than show producer Shirley Neal and announcer Larry Van Nuys. While many Los Angeles area broadcasters are waiting for the nominations to be announced May 30th, Shirley and her team at Park Hill Entertainment are working daily on this year's event and have been for some time. Larry Van Nuys, our booming voice of the LA Area Emmys, not only brings his talent to the event, but also his great positive attitude! Next week we'll continue looking at those who make up THE EMMY TEAM but, first, here's a little on the backgrounds of both Shirley and Larry.
Meet Larry Van Nuys

A word from Larry:

In a world where we all strive for excellence, it's exciting to have the chance once again to be connected in a small way to an organization and award ceremony that by definition is all about our very best.

On a personal note, the chance to reconnect with friends whom I've worked with over the years on Emmy night as well as in the people involved in the production of the evening is particularly enriching.

I can only hope that you will feel the same warm glow of Emmy on our collective night to shine.

Larry's Background:

Larry Van Nuys is one of the most recognizable voices in television and radio. Just listen to his velvet tones and you will understand why. Having spent many years in Los Angeles radio, Larry went on to host a variety of television shows, including the immensely popular "Help Thy Neighbor" for KTLA, Channel 5.

Larry has become one of the premier voices in the nation. You have heard him on network shows such as Dynasty, The Love Boat, Simon and Simon, Tic Tac Dough as well as the promotion voice for Network, Syndicated and Local television around the country.

As a commercial performer, he has been the voice of Mazda, Bank of America and McDonald's just to name a few. Larry has been written about in Newsweek, TV Guide as well as Readers Digest and has helped to win countless Emmy's from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Larry and his wife Marsha, have been married and laughing for 33 years in Westlake Village, California. Their very expensive daughter, Amanda, lives in San Francisco, California and never calls home.