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From the Field
Uncertainty in the Persian Gulf Holds APTRA Hostage
While the United States Warns Saddam, APTRA warns of a possible schedule change
From Bret Burkhart
KGO Radio, APTRA President

Put up or shut up. My feelings are purely selfish. I have no fingernails left thanks to the uncertainty in Iraq. Maybe you can relate.

Chances are, the order has already come down the pike in your newsroom: "Vacations cancelled!" and "You're on call 24-7!" Our news coverage plans related to a potential war are already in a large white binder in the newsroom with the words "War Plans" emblazoned on the front. It's tough planning the news coverage, let alone your social life.

And when it comes to planning a convention? Forget about it. Nothing is certain. Just like that vacation you were hoping to take after the February's on hold and so is a conflict in Iraq. So, keep that postcard of a sandy beach and blue ocean handy because it's the closest sense of freedom you'll have in awhile.

Ashleigh Banfield is headlining the APTRA awards convention in San Francisco. We just may have to be a little more creative in how she headlines. The Emmy Award winning anchor and reporter for MSNBC and NBC has no idea what she'll be doing tomorrow. Maybe you can relate.

I spoke with Ashleigh the other day, several months after she graciously accepted an invitation to be APTRA's honorary speaker at this year's convention. That was back when she knew what she was doing tomorrow. Today, it's a different story.

Ashleigh is honored and excited about being asked to headline the convention. And, she tells me she will do whatever it takes to make it happen. But, orders from her network newsroom have her chained to a bureau somewhere far away from any sandy beach or for that matter the Golden Gate. That could change by April 5th. Or it may not. I want to personally tell you that APTRA is committed to doing whatever it takes to bring Ashleigh to you.

Remember that postcard of a sandy beach and crystal blue ocean? There's no reason we can't take you there virtually. And Ashleigh just may join you for a drink....over a satellite feed. In other words, technology will bring Ashleigh to the convention. It just may not be technology in the friendly skies.

Just like your newsroom, APTRA has come up with several contingency plans in the event of war to make sure this year's awards convention and banquet is unforgettable. Please count on us because you sure can't count on that postcard these days.