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From the Field
For the second year in a row we're posting holiday wishes here on the site. If you want to join in, send your holiday greeting to me at and from all of us to all of you HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON AND THE BEST IN 2003!!!!!


Enjoy this Christmas Holiday! I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous 2003. Start thinking about those resolutions....we're only days away!

Mark Steines
Entertainment Tonight Weekend Anchor/ Correspondent

I Wish Everybody A Peaceful and Happy New Year!

Leonard Maltin
Host of "Hot Ticket" and Correspondent for Entertainment Tonight

Hal & APTRA Academy Mentors...what a great group...and an amazingly productive experience. Thank you for your commitment and especially for your enthusiasm and kindness!

Happy Holidays to everyone! :)

Big Hugs!
Charles Hunt
2002 APTRA Academy Graduate
LACC & SFSU Student

Merry Christmas to all! Want to make yourself feel better about life?
Remember when you were a kid, there was some small toy you always wanted,
but Santa never knew to bring you? Some kid today would probably love that
same toy. Go find a new one and drop in the Toys for Tots collection box.
It will give you a smile each time you think about it. Make it a habit each

Cragin Shelton
Alexandria, Virginia

p.s. Track down a school friend you have not thought of in 35 years and ask
if they remember you. They might surprise you

About that postscript....After (that's right) 35 years -- completely out of the blue I thought about my old College friend Craig Shelton. I found an email address for him and dropped him a note. We've been writing back and forth ever since. Merry Christmas Craig to you and your family!!!

I hope that 2003 is a great year for all, that everyone have a safe and fun holiday season, and that you call a designated driver if you've had too much cheer in your egg-nog!
Jocelyne Rohrback - Webmaster

For this year, I wish peace for everyone in their careers, lives and throughout the season.
Cyndy Ovalle - KVEN, Ventura

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. My gift to
you, after nearly 28 years in this broadcast news profession, is a
suggestion. After spending our entire year chasing jerks, criminals and deadbeats for stories and fighting our own managers to do a good job, there is something we can do as broadcast journalists to restore our faith in
humanity.Whether you are a reporter, producer, photojournalist or desk jockey,make plans to personally do a holiday related story. Go to a school Christmas play and tell the story. Spend several hours at the Mission helping with the homeless and tell the story. Sort clothing and gifts for the need at Goodwill and then tell the story. Whatever you choose, do it yourself and tell the story of how it felt.It has been done before, of course. But each time you do it, YOU get more from it than the viewers do. It will rekindle your spirit. I hope it works.
Happy Holidays from Las Vegas
Ross Becker
KTNV-TV 13 ABC in Sin City

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
For the past year, thanks to Hal Eisner, and all those of you running
around with twisted arms, for making such strides in APTRA activity. The
holiday party was the culmination, and Hal is making noises about more
to come in 2003. See all of you there!

Rachel Ambrose
CA-NV Broadcast Supervisor for The Associated Press
Los Angeles


I just wanted to wish everyone at APTRA a very Merry Christmas. I want to also send very special wishes to everyone who helped with the APTRA Academy 2002. Everyone was so helpful and insightful. All the knowledge and experience that all the individuals brought to the APTRA Academy was greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us.

I want to wish Jon Beaupre a Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for helping us with our workshop here at College Beat at Long Beach State. Also, a Merry Christmas to Randy Kerdoon, Bob Dlugos, Ross Becker, and Yahira Garcia, and everyone else who attended and helped at the APTRA Academy.

I want to personally send Christmas wishes to Hal Eisner. Thanks to you so many doors have opened for me and I am taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. I want to thank you from the bottom of my determined heart!!!Â

Merry Christmas to all!!

Sophia Alexander
200 APTRA Anchor Academy Graduate
Broadcast Journalism Major
Cal State Long Beach

My holiday wishes are for many, but here are just a few: To Hal Eisner continued success in all aspects of this crazy business, I am glad to call you a friend. To Mindy Burbano, your smile radiates the love you have for all in this world, I see great success for you in many ways. To Sharon Tay, You are the spark of Los Angeles, continue to embrace life in full. To Sam Rubin, You have many reasons to smile and thanks for the mention on Friday after Thanksgiving. To Lisa Joyner, Much love! To all in this business thanks for a great 2002, and here's hoping for more success in dos mil tres! And My final holiday wish that we all continue to make the circle of friends wider and vast, to include everyone in this whole world no matter race, sex, creed or color..remember the world is our canvas, and we are the paint brushes that create the warmth and love for life and all around it.

Steve Baxley
Comedy/Talk/Music Host
Toledo, Ohio

Whether you light a Menora, join your family in the feast of Eid, sing Christmas Carols, or join hands in a Kwanzaa celebration, light fireworks during Tet - or maybe all of them at once, may the joy of the season and the time you spend with your family and loved ones fill you with happiness, warmth and sublime pleasure.

Jon Beaupre
KCET TV/Los Angeles


Hey Guys, I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and rewarding New Year. I wanted to thank the whole APTRA Family for giving me the opportunity to participate in a simulated news situation. I was finally able to experience life in front of the camera, which is beneficial, even to a future News Producer. I especially want to thank Bob Dlugos, Hal Eisner Ross Becker, Jon Beaupre, and Heather Yonan, and of course a special happy holiday to, my co-anchor Charles Hunt.

Happy Holidays

Gyllian Carter
2002 APTRA Anchor Academy Graduate
Production Coordinator
California State University Long Beach

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in the New Year from the folks at PR Newswire, ProfNet and our new Broadcast company, MultiVu.

Jon Evans
Western Media Relations Manager
PR Newswire & ProfNet


Go Ahead - Get Tangled Up in A Festive Garland made of Holiday Cheer!

Angie Goff

Just want to share a holiday wish for everyone: "May you all be happy, warm and safe this holiday season, and may you all be successful in the coming year"....Happy Holidays!

Gina Hansel
APTRA Academy 2002 Graduate


Happy Holidays to you!!!!!
Courtney Hathaway


Here's something to contemplate as we rush through the holidays: the December 11th edition of the New York Times reports on a new study of the aerodynamics and flight patterns of butterflies. The piece, which made it into the A Section, is titled "Butterflies' Flights Disclose Free Spirits." It cites an Oxford University study of the red admiral butterfly; a small wind tunnel- or really a breeze tunnel- was constructed and rigged with cameras. The butterflies wingbeats disturb a fine smoke made with the oil used to lubricate model trains. Scientists found that these butterflies use an extremely complex and varied pattern of wing movements. "If the average human being moved like the average red admiral, city sidewalks would be filled with people progressing by hop, skip, jump, cartwheel and back flip, in no particular order," the article explains. The red admiral is particularly suited to being studied in this way because, before they begin flight, "...they lift a foot and test the air," which signals the researchers to start the cameras.

Thank you, New York Times, for reminding us of the wonders that are still about in the world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Nancy LeMay


Merry Christmas and a very, very Happy New Year!

Kathleen Mitts
KMIR 6 TV News
Palm Springs, CA


Best to all in this New Year! 2002 was a real challenge for me and my family. We weathered several storms and came through it all stronger, more thankful and more determined than ever! As we continue to witness the deterioration and corporate consolidation of local news, both print and broadcast, here's to all who stand by their journalistic guns and continue to turn out the best product possible!

Steve Parker
Over 30 Years of Emmy-Award Winning Automotive Journalism on TV, radio, in newspapers and magazines


Merry Christmas everyone. Best wishes to all the news crews out there filled with much hope, joy, peace, love, joy and blessings, and faith to follow your dreams. Please be safe this Christmas. Feliz Navidad y Prospero Nuevo.

Martin Plascencia
News Reporter
KVEA Channel 52 Telemundo/Los Angeles

I want to wish you, all my friends and family a very happy Christmas and a cheerful New Year. As we say in Hawaii....Mele Kalikimaka & Hauoli Makahiki Hou! I hope Santa brings you all that you wish for.

Maria Quiban
Weather Anchor
UPN 13 News
KCOP/Los Angeles

Not only do I wish you, Hal, Happy Holidays.. but to all of your readers as well. Happy Holidays, in whatever form you celebrate them, and a joyous New Year!
George Severson
Executive Producer
Salt Lake City


T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house,
The scanners were blaring of some evil louse...
Who had mugged Ol' Saint Nick inside WalMart!
Without a moment's hesitation we all do our part!

On reporters - on shooters -- on cameras -- on mic,
Raise the mast, pull the cords and who's got the light?
We ad lib on air with the greatest of ease,
'Bout the tragedy that has befallen our Christmas Eve!
As we pack up the unit and roar out of sight...

Happy Holidays Everyone!! And, for those of you slaving away on Christmas
Eve, may it be a good one!

Natalie Tejeda
KYMA/Yuma, Arizona
El Centro Bureau


Happy Holidays!

Michael Wilk
New York