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From the Field
Hal Eisner
Holiday Wish from Hal

During this holiday season I want to take a moment to thank all of those who have contributed to this website. I want to say a special thanks to my webmaster Jocelyne Rohrback for her continuing commitment to And, to those of you who check in here every once in a while, thanks for coming by and I hope you'll keep coming back! Over these next two weeks, as we wrap up 2001, we'll revisit some of the articles that were among THE BEST OF 2001! There are, of course, too many to highlight in just two editions, so please take a moment and check out the archive section in FROM THE FIELD and those of our weekly writers Rebecca, Lance, Mat, Michael and Jon!
Have a wonderful holiday season and THE BEST TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU in 2002!!!!!

Maria Quiban
Weather Anchor, KCOP Los Angeles
Mele Kalikimaka!
That's the island greeting I send to you and your family this holiday season. You know---living here LA did take some getting used to for a girl from Hawaii--but I found there's just as much of the Aloha Spirit here as in the islands. I'm thankful for that, for the fantastic people I've met and have yet to meet. Aloha!

Sarah Acevedo
Freelance Television Reporter
Los Angeles, California

I'll probably remember this holiday season more than any other in my life. Not having a full-time job for the last two months has allowed me to spend more time with my family than I ever thought I could bear -- and I've enjoyed it!! I've always felt lucky to be close to my parents and to have my grandmother nearby. That feeling grows stronger, the more I get to know them. As we like to say in Spanish, "no hay mal que por bien no venga," which, loosely translated, means out of bad things, come good things. My wish for everyone this season is that we'll continue to find joy and love in each other, and in the people we meet every day. Feliz Navidad!

Sandy Gordon
The Whitehouse Post Productions
Chicago, Illinois

Happy Chanukah, happy holidays and wonderful New Year's wishes everyone! May everyone enjoy the snow (if you have it) and the wonders of winter... take some time off from your daily stresses to have some hot cocoa and a smile.

David Rose
Los Angeles, California

Happy Holidays. What a year. Talk about putting things into perspective.
We'll all hug our friends and family much closer this season. Bring on 2002.
(Hal, thanks for letting me follow in your steps that very first day. A
special holiday greeting to you and your family.)

Natalie Tejeda
Reporter KYMA-TV
Yuma, Arizona

Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyful holiday. No matter how hectic and stressful our days may be, let us not forget to be grateful for the family we have to celebrate the holidays with

Paulette Amaro
Assistant Membership Director
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
North Hollywood, California

Happy Holidays and Good Tidings to all from your friends at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences


Jim Bell
Morning News Anchor
Houston, TX

Merry Christmas and hidee-ho from Texas ya'll. From all of us in public radio and television news to all of our brothers and sisters out there in commercial radio and television news, our warmest wishes for a peaceful and safe holiday season. I know I speak for everybody in the news broadcasting
business when I say we're all hoping and praying for a better world.

Scott Budman
San Jose, California

My wish is for a happy, safe, and comfortable holiday season to those who work so hard informing, and teaching, others.

Charmaine Dixon
Script Supervisor
Smush Game Show on USA
Los Angeles, California

The events of September 11th 2001 were worse than any apocalyptic disaster I could ever have imagined. The scourge of terrorism ambushed America and tried to destroy the apple of its eye. I pray for all the families everywhere that have lost loved ones. There is a saying in Buddhism, "After great evil, there is great good." I look forward to all the great good to come. Happy Holidays!!!!

Katie Foley
Student/San Diego State University
Intern/KUSI TV San Diego, California

Celebrate Christmas and the holiday season as much as you ever have, if not more. We don't know what the future holds.

Richard & Linda Friedman
Houston, Texas

We wish all of the people out there in the vastness of cyber-space a Happy & Healthy New Year.

Sabrina Hughes
Assignment Editor
San Jose, California

I would like to wish a very happy holidays to everyone. September 11 has changed us all but mostly it has made a lot of us stop and take notice of our lives. My thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost their loved ones on September 11 and the families of the brave men and women who are overseas. I hope that the new year brings peace and prosperity for everyone.

Tor Hyams
Recording Artist and Producer
2000 LA Area Emmy Show Performer
Los Angeles, California

Let's all have a festive holiday season and be nice to each other.

Sam Louie
Los Angeles, California

As we've learned, life is precious. So call an old friend. Smile to a
stranger. Mend a broken bridge. Embrace the true holiday spirit and may your heart overflow with love, hope, and forgiveness. Happy Holidays everyone!

Maria Lynch
Chyron Operator
Los Angeles, California

Wishing peace and joy to everyone this holidays season. Celebrate, appreciate, and don't be afraid to go out on a limb, that's where all the fruit is...

Al Naipo
Los Angeles, California

'Tis the Season: A time for cheer, families, friends and celebration.
Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa-- faiths and traditions we hold dear this time of year.The events of September 11th will undoubtedly alter how many view this holiday season. Thousands of families will find it difficult to rejoice and understandably so. It's imperative that those of us unaffected by the national tragedies reach out to the grieving and disheartened. That extension doesn't necessarily need to be in the form of money, but that's a good start. Perhaps the best way to help the families of the victims and the victims themselves is to offer help to anyone in need. September 11th struck local charities right in the pocketbook, as many generous individuals flocked to help those affected by the attacks. Many of these fine local and national organizations do herculean work to help others and rely solely on donations from caring and compassionate individuals. They too deserve your dollars now more than ever. Volunteering is also an excellent way to show you care. So, dig a little deeper in your pockets and hearts to find a way to show what the holidays are truly all about. After all...'Tis the Season!

Doug Pribe & Steve Baxley
WXUT FM Toledo
Pribax Radio Saturdays 2-4pm ET

We would like to wish all of our media brethren and sisteren a joyous and happy holiday and a happy new year filled with promise, and many successful journeys ahead that lie in wait for all of us. On a personal note, to a certain intelligently lovely entertainment reporter for KTLA my wish is that the critics who bash you would lighten up and see the side of you that I see through my eyes, heart, and mind. And A special thanks to WXUT who were the only ones who believed in us and gave us a shot.

Bryce & Jackie Zabel
Bryce is Chairman/CEO of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
in North Hollywood, California

As we look back over 2001, and ahead to 2002, we're reminded of a favorite quotation from Colin Powell who said, "Optimism is a force multiplier."

It's been a tough year, but the country seems more united and determined than it's ever been in our lifetimes. We work in a great business in a great country -- we will all together make a great difference next year.

NOTE FROM HAL: Thanks so much Kent for the gracious words! For those of you who are not aware, I'm proud to say that Kent was one of this website's very first contributors writing a terrific article you can find in our FROM THE

Kent Shocknek
News Anchor
Los Angeles, California

Congratulations on the progress you've made on your site in 2001, and your accomplishments teaching others to become better practitioners of the craft. During this tumultuous year, it's become fashionable again to show concern for --and help-- our fellow man. You deserve credit for being ahead of that curve for as long as I can remember.

Looking back on the past 12 months, I realize how lucky I (and just about all of us) have been compared to those who've suffered real hardships. It's a lesson I never will forget, and a gift I never will take for granted.
Here's to 2002!

Rachel Ambrose
Associated Press
Los Angeles, California
We're a small industry, more like a family. So let us celebrate the holidays together--getting together with our real families when we're not cranking out the news. And hoist a collective Salud!

Tony Buttitta
News Photographer
KCOP-TV/Los Angeles, California
I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season this year. Remember to love your family and put them first in your life! In the big picture of life, nothing is more important than the people you love most.
Your family! So put them first and forget about all the other distractions.

Raul Collazo
Weather Anchor
KINC-TV/Univision Channel 15
Las Vegas, Nevada
My best to you and your family during the holidays and the years to come. May God bring you health, wisdom and happiness! Feliz Navidad :)

Elizabeth Densmore
2001 LA Area Emmy Performer

My Christmas wish is that all the Heroes will be remembered, every survivor will stand strong, all Americans will unite as a family, and that freedom and peace will prevail. God Bless America.

Patricia Friedman
Two Time APTRA Academy Grad
As we all celebrate the holidays this year, let us all remember that life is precious and should never be taken for granted. We are all Human Beings regardless of our differences. We as a human race must band together and help those less fortunate. Each one of us should make a pledge to help at least one poor soul not just during the holidays but all year long. Our efforts can make a difference in people's lives. Happy Holidays and love to all!

Teresa Francis Garcia
KIMA-TV/Yakima, Washington
May this Sacred Season shine brighter than a thousand stars. Keep your gaze open, your chin up, your heart warm...for the roller coaster of life is always just around the corner...and I say it's ready for an ascent after these tough international times. Merry Season!!

Richard Greene
Attorney, Communication Strategist
Malibu, California
May the closeness we have felt as a national family continue into good times as well as bad and may we use these last few months, not just as a wake-up call about terror, but a wake-up call about how very precious life, friends, family and love truly are.

Kirk Hawkins
Sophomore, UC Santa Barbara
Intern, KEYT-3 Santa Barbara, California
Happy Holidays! Each year during the holiday season, Americans celebrate thepromise of renewal and the possibilities of peace. I hope that this holiday season brings a renewed sense of this peace and joy. We owe our good health, shelter, safety and well being to our families, our parents, our teachers, our colleagues, our friends, our brothers and sisters and of course our new heroes. We all should be proud of the New York Policemen, Firemen, Rescue Workers and members of the armed forces who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to help ease the suffering of Americans and others abroad during this difficult time in our history. I extend my deepest gratitude to these men and women and their families as well as the victims and their families of New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Nancy and Harry LeMay
Freelance Graphic Artist
This long and difficult fall has yielded to a quiet, modest and reflective holiday season for us. We will continue to look for the answer to the question "What is expected of us?" which was thrust into our consciousness on a warm morning in September. We will be grateful for the unfailing support of the people we love, and be glad for the opportunity to support them in return. We will look toward the richness of life as it comes to us; happy for the richness that comes wrapped in fine papers, but happier for the richness that comes in other forms: peace, and a clear heart.

Steve Parker
KNWZ Radio - Palm Springs, California
My New Year's wish is that our world slowly eradicates that which ails it, through whatever means, and at the same time, American society comes out the other end of this rotten tunnel intact, in spite of John Ashcroft.

Eddie Romero (Firefighter Engineer - Oxnard, CA Station #2) and his niece Jocelyne Rohrback
"We love Rescueworkers Holiday Season 2001"
Jocelyne Rohrback
Webmaster -
I often tease my Uncle Eddie with stories about my dangerous "octopus" electrical outlets, and unattended burning candle anecdotes. He doesn't laugh, but my aunt and I enjoy a chuckle over his programmed concern.
Although we don't tell him enough, my Uncle Eddie remains to be a great source of pride for our family. A firefighter engineer, husband and father of three special-needs children; he exemplifies the selfless, hardworking firefighter mentality that all rescueworkers tend to hold fast.
This holiday season I have a deeper appreciation for my Uncle Eddie; and every other firefighter, police officer, paramedic or rescue worker who put their lives on the line for the sake of others on a daily basis.

We all tend to overlook the many facets of their day-to-day lives blanketed with the responsibility of protecting the lives of others. They don't get to leave their job at the firestation....they are ALWAYS on the job.

For this holiday season I think we should promote the recognition of all of these special people; in New York and in our own neighborhoods. That's why I am proposing a "We love Rescueworkers Holiday Season 2001" campaign. I propose we all send a letter of thanks to the firestation, police force or hospital staff that we may have required the assistance of over the past year.

The police officer who investigated the noise you heard in your backyard, the firefighter who rescued your cat out of the tree, the hospital nurse who comforted your son when he had that broken leg......Whether we recognize it or not, we come into contact with these selfless individuals more frequently than we realize. Write them a thank-you note, drop off a basket of fruit, send a poinsettia! It's the least we can do for those who do so much for us.

And this year I promise not to mention the box of oily rags in the garage to my Uncle Eddie; after all, he deserves a break.