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From the Field
A Good News Story Idea from the Redlands P.D.
By Renee Groese

If you were fresh out of high school and considering pursuing a career in public safety would you take the opportunity to experience the field firsthand? I'm not talking about just a "ride along" with a police officer or firefighter. I'm talking about intense, dramatic, exciting, gut wrenching, life-saving experiences that will take place over a week's period of time.

On July 27, a handful of teens who graduated from high school this year and who are interested in pursuing a career in public safety will have that opportunity at the third annual Redlands Emergency Services Academy (RESA).

For one week, teens who applied for RESA will spend time with Redlands police officers and firefighters. RESA students will roll up their sleeves and delve into law enforcement and fire/paramedic work. They will learn the ins and outs of police and fire work. They will learn and participate in SWAT (special weapons and tactics) exercises, they will learn defensive tactics, they will learn how to conduct high risk traffic stops, they will learn how to beckon to a suspect inside a burning building and get him to come out, and then they will put out the fire. They will rescue people from high rise buildings and they will participate in a variety of other police and fire drills.

This is the third year in a row for the RESA program. RESA is a collaborative effort between Redlands Police, Redlands Fire, Redlands Unified School District, University of Redlands, Redlands COMPACT, Crafton Hills College, San Bernardino Valley College and and a host of businesses and volunteers. These partners have devoted an entire week of teaching teens who believe they want to be in public safety the ropes.

Now that you have read this, doesn't this appear to be a great opportunity not just for inspiring teenagers, but for television media as well to do a "good news" story?

My last column I talked about how difficult it is to get the TV media to Redlands for good stuff. (If it succeeds it should lead) How does this sound? If you are interested, please by all means contact me so I can schedule a day, time and place for you to come out and cover this exciting program.

Please call Renee Groese, Public Info Specialist for the Redlands Police Department, at 909-798-7633. You can also email me at

We would be honored and you would add even more exicitement to the teens if they had the chance to show off what they learned. This program succeeds, please consider leading with it in your news. Thanks!!!!

About the Author
Renee Groese is a Public Information Officer for the Redlands Police Department.