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From the Field

A wonderful family event is coming up this Saturday June 28th at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for those in Southern California Television. My ATAS LA Area Peer Group Co-Governor Suzan Jorgensen-Torgerson has the scoop!

Finding Nemo, New Contacts and a TV Academy Membership Card!
By Suzan Jorgensen-Torgerson

Growing up on a farm in northern California, I rarely watched TV, but when I did, I’d watch Bonanza, The Andy Williams Show, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (when I was allowed to stay up that late), and of course one of my all time favorites,
The Primetime Emmy Awards!

Every year my father and I would tune in to see if our favorite shows were among those to receive the coveted award. And every year I’d tell my dad that someday I would be among those glamorous and gifted people attending the Emmy’s. He would nod and smile and although he secretly had doubts, I knew that someday I’d get there.

After college, I quickly landed a job at KCOP Television in Los Angeles. Several years later after winning my first L. A. Area Emmy Award, I was thrilled to join The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Imagine that! I was finally among the very people I had admired and respected from afar.

Being a member of the Television Academy is a privilege, I feel honored to be a part of it. I’ve met some incredible people and developed friendships with peers and members from other peer groups. To anyone who is not a member and is eligible to join, what are you waiting for? Aside from being involved in televisions most prestigious organization, members have countless opportunities to network and make connections. Academy members are invited to attend industry-related seminars, entertainment events, educational forums, and receive a subscription to the award winning Emmy magazine. Members also receive discounts and special offers from a variety of vendors in the Academy Rewards Program. And in addition to all of that (and more), every year members receive a voucher to cover one entry fee toward their submission in the Emmy Awards competition!

If you are interested in becoming a member, check out the requirements listed below and if you qualify for membership, plan on joining us on Saturday, June 28th for our annual membership gathering. By applying for membership to the Academy on that day, you and your family will enjoy a free screening of “Finding Nemo” and a free lunch! You can’t beat that! Call (818) 754-2889 to RSVP by Thursday, June 26th. Make sure to mention that you will be applying for membership at the event, leave your return phone number, and be sure to state the number of people attending with you.

Membership Requirements:

Active Status:
Professional engagement in telecommunications production and distribution for the Metropolitan Los Angeles area.

Associate Status:
Engagement by professionals in the Metropolitan Los Angeles area in activities integrally or tangentially related to telecommunications production and distribution or its technically allied industries, but who do not currently meet the qualifications for Active Membership. Annual Dues are $150 for Active members and $75 for Associate members (plus a one-time $10 entrance fee)

As you can see, there are many reasons to join the Television Academy. For me it was to fulfill a childhood dream. That dream will soon be complete, this September. I am attending the Primetime Emmys!