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From the Field
"It's All About Who Ya Know"
Being a Mentor & Finding a Mentor.....
By Cyndy Ovalle

So you graduated from college with a bachelor's in Radio-TV-Film, you interned at your local TV station and one time your professor told you that you had a face for TV....NOW what?!

The number of women entering media is increasing and whether or not they have college degrees, an outstanding resume or even internships at major networks.....they still need a mentor.

This applies to women more than men because men continue to dominate the field by more than 2 to 1.

In the years I have been in this business I was blessed with three talented and secure women broadcasters. They never lost an opportunity to graciously warn or advise me.There was never a critique on my voice or ability - rather only encouraging comments about "pacing" or "downbeats" in my delivery.
We women need to learn how to "stick together." I find the all too common feeling of competition between my fellow women colleagues has led to the separation of powers that should be united.
We could do a lot more to help each other in the the one time I was warned by a fellow female colleague to avoid a particular male staff member.

In this competitive business I believe successful women should seek out "up and coming" talent and share their knowledge and experience with them.

For one thing it raises the bar in female comraderie and can result in long-lasting friendships. (Thank you Krickett Davis, Analee Cantu and Joni Caryl)

Hal's vision for the first APTRA Academy interested me immediately. It was clear that we shared the same values in terms of mentoring.

The attitude that sharing success immediately leads to your own success.
The second APTRA Academy is October 6 & 7, 2001 and I look forward to participating once again. The mentors for the weekend will be industry professionals who are willing to share their knowledge in producing, filming, editing, and reporting.

If you are new to the biz- Find a mentor.

If you're a professional - Become one!

About the Author
CYNDY OVALLE has been in the industry for approximately 15 years....she's done it all from Public Relations to News Director. Currently she co-hosts the morning wake up show with Lee Marshall on The Boomer, KVEN 1450 AM, Ventura CA. Cyndy is active in APTRA and California Chicano News Media Association as a board member. She also spends much of her time with non profit organziations such as Easter Seals, American Red Cross, Mother's Against Drunk Driving and the Coalition Against Sexual Abuse and Violence. And yes....she's a mentor.