Michael Jackson – The NEXT Trial!

August 20, 2011

I was listening to some Michael Jackson music the other day. “Ben” – “Beat It” and “Man in the Mirror” – I always liked that one! In September, I’ll be involved in our coverage of Dr.Conrad Murray’s trial in connection with Michael Jackson’s death

Some are suggesting this trial could draw more publicity than Casey Anthony’s! At least, defense attorneys looking for a reason to sequester the jury are pointing to the sky-high-profile nature of this case.

For months in 2005 I covered Jackson’s child molestation trial in Santa Maria. Daily I saw MJ fans outside the courthouse. Some had signs supporting the King of Pop. And, media from all over the world showed those images and wrote about those days. That trial, filled with an almost daily dose of weirdness, was my life! One day Michael Jackson dances on top of a car. Another He shows up at the Santa Maria Courthouse in pajamas. In court he was always sitting at the defense table just a few feet away from me. His family, in the rows right in front of me.

I spoke to a friend I made back then. She’s from London. Huge MJ fan! Actually, bigger than huge!
On Facebook the other day I asked: “Are you coming in for the Murray trial?” “Probably not till the verdict” she said. But, think about that. She is going to fly from London to Los Angeles just to be at the courthouse in Downtown LA on verdict day!

Jackson fans are a dedicated bunch! His life was something to celebrate. His death was painful. Many still mourn. The Murray trial will be watched!

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Hal Eisner is a reporter at FOX 11 News in Los Angeles

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