9/11: My Thoughts

September 11, 2011

Sometimes I can’t remember what I did yesterday. Sometimes I want to forget. But, one date is stuck in my head. 9/11/01 – The attack on the America.

I was asleep as the world watched horrifying images on television of hijacked commercial passenger jets being commandeered into the the World Trade Center’s twin towers. But, when I woke up and turned on the TV that’s when I saw the nightmare! The enormous flames, the smoke, the buildings crumbling … people running for their lives.

In the hours that followed I found myself on-the-air working like everyone else in our business.I was based at the LA County Emergency Operation Center. There were lots of interviews and lots of information. No one sure LA wasn’t in someone’s crosshairs. I remember my interviews with LA County Supervisor Deane Dana who had just flown back with his son from New York. I remember trying to reach my friends in New York to be sure they were okay. I remember how unreal it all seemed. An attack on The United States of America. Commercial jets, we all trust when we board, turned into missiles. Buildings turned into rubble. Lives lost. Families destroyed. It hurts just thinking about it.

It is ten years later. We remember with sadness. On our televisions we see the images on them we first saw ten years ago.We hear the voices from that day. ¬†And, today’s voices reflecting.

My thoughts are with the family and friends who lost loved ones. They are also with all of you who, like I, remember and don’t want to forget.

About Hal Eisner

Hal Eisner is a reporter at FOX 11 News in Los Angeles

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