Dr. Conrad Murray Trial Moves Into Week #2

October 2, 2011

A day didn’t go by in week #1 of this trial that something eyeopening wasn’t said, heard or introduced into evidence. From the opening statements to Friday’s last witness – Michael Jackson’s slurred audio recorded on an IPhone by Dr. Murray, the first “at the scene” witnesses; MJ’s personal assistant, the bodyguard that called 9-1-1, “the weapon” – a bottle of propofol from a saline bag on an IV stand next to Jackson’s bed, the paramedics who said the doctor never once mentioned the word “propofol” the entire time they were with him from the house to the hospital. There was more like the former Murray patient who said that after a heart attack the doctor “saved his life”. But, later, abandoned him when he went to work for Michael Jackson.

Now, what will week #2 bring? Scientific evidence? Expert witnesses? Will the defense keep looking for ways to chip away at any of last week’s damaging testimony during cross-examination as they try to minimize any effect from the new witnesses that take the stand?

While the evidence sounds pretty one-sided now remember it is the prosecution that has to prove Dr. Conrad Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. They are up first. That is why we are hearing so much from them.

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