Conrad Murray Trial: Speedy Jury Selection?

September 24, 2011

450 in the jury pool reduced down to 145 potential jurors and 145 questionnaires to read from each one of them! 30 page questionnaires! Over 4000 pages!

My eyeballs hurt just thinking about it!

For two weeks attorneys on both sides found themselves reading about all kinds of people; a mail carrier, a paralegal, an unemployed worker, a college professor and dozens of others. They learned how they felt s about Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray, the legal system, law enforcement, prescription medicine, media and much more! Finding out their level of education, their ethnicity and background. Trying to see if any of them had agendas, bias … an inability to be fair.

When asked about Friday’s jury selection, that felt a little a a frieght train tearing through the courthouse, defense attorney Michael Flanagan said it wasn’t all that fast. Remember he and the others on both sides had so much information about the potential jurors that, by the time they got to Friday, all they needed were followup questions to to see who should stay and who should go!

So, now there are 12 jurors and 5 alternates. And, now its time for testimony and evidence. It all starts Tuesday with opening statements.

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Hal Eisner is a reporter at FOX 11 News in Los Angeles

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  1. Pastor remarked on the rarity of a defendant invoking his speedy-trial right but set jury selection for March 28. The judge said his “inclination” was to allow television coverage of the trial, which the defense said was likely to last two months.

    Comment by 4APK on March 5, 2016 at 4:43 am

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