The New and Improved

June 28, 2011

I have always believed its important to reinvent oneself. Its important to maintain relevance. Its important to maintain a relationship with your viewers and readers.

When first started I was amazed at the ability to open up a little spot on the super highway with my own shingle. I remember the day my friend Tom Mackel set up my domain name. It was September 18, 2000. I was at Tom’s house. His son was having a birthday party. We were chatting. I told him I was thinking how cool it would be to have a website. He said let’s get the name! He jumped on the computer and a few keystrokes later was born!

In the years that followed personalized websites became as common setting up an email address. They changed in looks and feel. We would periodically change our look and the navigation systems (drop down menus etc) as they changed in popularity. And, thanks to WordPress and the many templates available, blogging took off like a roaring brushfire.

Now, many of my friends, colleagues and you have blog sites. Jocelyne Rohrback, who owns,  has been an amazing webmaster for  as we knew it. As WordPress templates became more the rule she suggested we move in that direction. Its very manageable. It opens up two-way communications with comment sections. And, allows for all kinds of growth. We have archived the entire old site. You’ll find it on our home page.

So, here is our new look. The pictures in the slider, will change regularly. The links at the bottom of the pictures will often have hyperlinks to take you to related articles. We will have guest contributors. This week Paul Skolnick, veteran journalist and CEO of multi-platform news provider New-Lede Media, talks about job interviews. You’ll see my blogs which I started writing before unveiling the updated site. There’s even a link to APTRA Academies of the past.

Across the top pull down menu you’ll see buttons to take you to guest articles in our FROM THE FIELD section, RESOURCES like REPORTERS TOOLBOX and NEWS DIRECTORY, APTRA Academy links, a little about me and a way to contact me. There are links on the bottom of the home page as well.

We also have my Facebook and Twitter feeds located near the bottom right of the page. And, even a button to

Please leave comments and join the fun. This site was always intended to be a high road and we aim to keep it that way.

And, please join my and all of my colleagues on TV at FOX 11, MY 13 and online at, Facebook and Twitter!

My deep appreciation to Quyen Lovrich who shaped many of the pages here and Eric Iverson at Extima Web Design for all of his work in reinventing

I hope you like the new look.


About Hal Eisner

Hal Eisner is a reporter at FOX 11 News in Los Angeles

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